Precinct Leadership

Precinct Leaders

What is a precinct?

Precincts are the smallest political units in the country. A precinct is a subdivision of the county (generally smaller than a city and larger than a neighborhood) and is used as a local election/voting district. On election day, voters gather to their assigned polling place for their precinct to cast their ballots.

In some states, precincts are subdivisions of the legislative districts. However, Idaho law maintains that our precincts are created by county commissioners.

Click here to look up your precinct polling place (voting location) based on your current address.

What are precinct leaders?

Precinct leaders are elected to represent and vote on behalf of their precinct in county and district Republican central committees. Precinct leaders also organize voters in preparation for upcoming elections and spread the word about upcoming events and other news.

Precinct leaders are elected because they are given a degree of political power. Precinct leaders elect the leadership of the county and district central committees, and may be expected to participate in filling vacancies in the Idaho state legislature for their district.

Note: Precinct leaders are also known as precinct captains, a precinct chairman/woman, precinct delegate, precinct committee officer or Precinct Committeeman/woman.

How can I become a precinct leader?

You will need to be elected in the next Primary Election. Here’s how: 

  1. Are you qualified? You must be
    1. at least 18 years old at the time of the Primary Election.
    2. a citizen of the United States.
    3. a registered elector (voter) of the precinct.
    4. a resident in the precinct for at least six months preceding the Primary Election.
    5. affiliated with the Republican Party. (Contact your County Clerk to verify that you are affiliated with the party of your choice.)
  2. File your Declaration of Candidacy with the County Clerk. Search for “County Offices” and choose the “County Offices – Partisan” filing form.
    1. $40 filing fee OR submit 5 nominating petitions (according to current state law) from qualified voters in your precinct.
    2. In the presence of a notary, sign and date the Declaration of Candidacy.
Who is my precinct leader?

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